Conferencing at Kurumba Lodge

State of the art conference facilities make meetings a joy, we offer 24 hour security and safe parking. Our premises are protected by surveilence cameras. We have our own reservoir and power generator for emergencies, Internet facilities if needed.

We have four (4) seperate venues available for use, Kuruba Hall, Kudagu Hall, Kuduga Boardroom and Open Air. Below you can find details for the inhouse venues, our private open air facility caters for 25 delegates, whether it be a meeting, conference or social event. There is a barbeque available, or in the native tongue, a "braai" area, and in the event of the social escalating, one could always move to a more social location, for example, Jouba's Pub...

Conference Halls
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Kudagu Hall
Accomodates 30 delegates

Kuruba Hall
Accomodates 50 Delegates

Other Venues
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Perfect outdoor meeting
Open Air

Meeting in luxury
Kuduga Boardroom

Social meetings